SubRung has started its online journey from selling the items on Daraz in early 2019. From 2019 not only volume but we have added more variety of items and increased SubRung’s operations day by day, which includes steps like introducing Cash on Delivery service, launching of fully operational E-commerce website  etc.

Our operations are not only geographically limited to Pakistan. Currently, we are also serving to our International customers as well. 

The rating of SubRung on Daraz remains above 96% from the start, which speaks its self that how much we are putting our efforts to deliver the same products as seen in the pictures. 

The biggest drawback of online business is that the customers mostly remains in doubt whether the product he or she has ordered would be the same as in the picture or not. When a customer purchases a product through online  platform and then wait for some days and if he, after receiving an item, founds that an item is not same as shown in the advertisement by the seller then indeed its very painful. Considering such all pains and bad experiences (even with us individually) we have decided to start this business with the motive to provide the customer same what they see in the pictures at the time of placing the orders. Profit was and is not our major concern because it automatically follows with the good services. So our main focus was providing efficient and sincere services.

The highlights of SubRung and our efforts are:

  1. All pictures are real.
  2. What you will see is really what you will get. 
  3. Exact measurements and descriptions.
  4. Our very much admired, dealing with customers both with happy and angry ones. 
  5. Continuous improvement.
  6. Value of Money with respect to items purchased by the customers. 
  7. Give respect and value to the customers, in real.
  8. Always open to customers’ feedback.

Due to our efforts and blessings of God and loyalty of our customers, our customers trust us and Inshallah SubRung will keep this trust cemented.