Kindly follow the very simple steps to place an order on SubRung:

  • Visit the website
  • Open the category you want by clicking “Shop” at the top in case of desktop version and in case of mobile press Burger Menu How To Order 1 and press “Shop” or you can click any article you like from the home page.
  • Select the article or articles you want to buy.
  • Click the size or colour you want and check the availability. If stock is available then “Add to Basket” will be shown active.
  • In case of availability select the quantity you want and then press “Add to Basket”.
  • In the same way you can add multiple articles depending on its availability.
  • After selecting all the articles click “Cart” button at the top or press this sign How To Order 2 . Similarly in case of using mobile either press How To Order 2 at the top or press the burger menu How To Order 1 and then press “Cart”.
  • In Cart you can check what items you have added and in case you don’t want to buy any particular item you can remove by pressing the cross sign and then press “Update Basket”.
  • The Cart will also show shipping charges and total amount payable.
  • After that click “Proceed To Checkout” for desktop edition and for mobile press “Checkout”.
  • If you are new customer and first time buying then enter the particulars at the left side of your screen under the head “Billing Address”. The fields in * should be filled other wise it will not proceed further.
  • In case of returning customer, you only need to login SubRung and detail will be retrieved automatically. 
  • If you want that shipping should be made in different address then check the field in front of “Deliver to a Different Address?” and enter the required particulars. Otherwise, un-check that field so that your “Billing Address” would be your shipping address.
  • If you want to avoid “Shipping Charges” you can also select “Pick Your Own” option to avoid any applicable Shipping charges. However, for this you have to visit the Official Address of SubRung to receive the ordered articles.  
  • By default the payment method is selected on “Cash on Delivery”. 
  • Check the box of agreement with terms and conditions and press the “PLACE ORDER”.
  • Here you go. Your order is placed so easily.


Thanks & Happy Shopping at SubRung.